dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Technique for January #1

A new thing at MixedMediaDiva is exploring an online tutorial together. We discuss how to do it best and we experiment what other materials one can use to get the same result.
We start with this tutorial:

Mmd technique january

I started with not only glue papers, but also some pieces of fabric, a little yarn and some stickers.
I dont't have a hotglue, so I used 3D glue.

Mmd technique january

I found only 1 bottle of spraypaint in my stash. I used it and let it dry. It looked a little boring with only 1 colour. So I used aridondack inkt to colour the foil. It isn't very intense, but it looks good.

Mmd technique january

My best discovery was the effect of pearlEx on the 3D glue. It shines like there is a little lamp inside!

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