woensdag 26 januari 2011

CED - Weekly update

How fast a week goes by. It feels like I just updated CED yesterday, but in fact it's been a week and a half...

It's been quite a normal week. Working, cleaning, crafting and workout.
My dad still is on top of my "things that aren't usual"-list.
His health is getting worse and worse. It's getting more difficult to deal with it. I can't say to myself "He is going to be okay" anymore. Doctors are now testing him for a brain tumor. Omy that sounds very scary. Next monday they will start treatment, finally! Let's hope it will work.

The springflowers are doing nice. I'm still very pleased with it and I enjoy them every day.
At the end of summer I placed some of my garden plants inside the house. They are not winterproof. The plants looked really miserable, but this week I noticed some of them are getting new leafs. I was hoping for that and it's so pretty to see them recover.
Just a few more weeks and it will shown in the garden as well.

My husband and I are decorating our home. Sounds like fun, but it's really a challenge. I don't like his style and he doesn't like mine. But we found some wallart we both agreed on. Can't wait for it to arrive.
We need someone to make frames for it. They are big and the size is odd for a dutch frame.

I'm also making plans for my own room. That's the only room in the house I can do anything I like (he has a room for him too)It's going to be bright and full of colours. The wall already is a bright pink.
If you have any suggestions or links or whatever, let me know, cause I'm still looking for ideas.

~I am taking an online class of journaling and worked for that this week.
~I worked on my crochet blanket. It now covers my upperlegs.
~I did a lot of emailing for my yahoogroup this week.
~I made a start with sorting my photo's. It's a big task, wish I was finished already.

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  1. Hey I got my own room this year. My "studio". Really an attic space remodeled. I'm up there all the time writing, sewing, creating. It has all my favorite things. My husband acts a little jealous. Hahah. It's my sacred space . Can't wait to see your new room. Terah

  2. He meissie, heel veel sterkte met je paps...........is hard he om mee te dealen?!!!

    Aanbod staat nog steeds, als je zin hebt in ff wat anders, je weet waar ik woon!

    liefs Elma