maandag 10 januari 2011

CED - Weekly update

The first week of Creative Every Day has ended. A challenge should be easy when it is just started, but it was difficult for me.

31 December my father went to the hospital by ambulance. He was not feeling well for some time already. We didn't know what was wrong with him, doctors where still testing him. But that day he felt down and they took him to a hospital.
We now know he haves cancer in his lung. We don't know yet if it can be treated and if it's also in other places of his body.
I spent a lot of my spare time with my dad and my family. It's very difficult to not panic and I look forward to this week to hear more testresults.

It's hard to focus on a creative, healthy life, I feel so many emotions. I come home from work, make dinner and eat and then go to the hospital. When I come home from the hospital it still is quite early in the evening, but I feel really tired and I'm just not into crafting.
I did do a few things this week. I must take care of myself.

*I tried 1 new easy recipe. I blogged about it. Give it a try yourself, it tastes very good.
*I did a lot of crochet. I'm working on an amigurumi with leftover yarn. It's my own pattern. It's very simple, I have not made patterns myself before, so it's a start. It looks nice with all the different colours.
*I've been updating this months challenges for MixedMediaDiva. This is the mixed media yahoo group I own. We're gonna do lots of fun stuff this year. Feel free to join us, you don't need to be good at it, you don't need to be an artist or whatever. We're a group for everybody who likes to swap and share some creative ideas. However you do need to write and read dutch, cause that's the language we are using.
*I worked on a monthly challenge for my group. We explore a tutorial together. I didn't have everything needed in my stash, so I experimented a little. I will blog about it coming week.
*I made 2 zentangles.
*I joined an online workshop about ArtJournaling.

I went to the gym this week. At the very end of 2010 I became a member and this week I started with my program.
My goal is to get a little more energy and find a balance between my body and my mind. I will do some fitness and some yoga.
Surprisingly I liked it, doing a workout. My muscles in my stomach hurt a little, but I feel really good. I suspected to be very tired after working out, but it's not so bad.
Part of my program is taking a sunbed and going to the sauna. I love it!

So I think I can say I did pretty good this first week. Keeping faith is hard, but I did manage to do some crafting, which is good for my mind. I did go to the gym, which is good for my body. I didn't eat as healthy as I wanted, but I tried 1 new recipe containing vegetables.
Now lets try again and improve myself in week 2.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Allereerst sterkte, Angenita. Er is heel veel mogelijk, maar zo´n bericht hakt er in en dan is het logisch dat je van je stuk bent.
    Ik vind je zentangle erg mooi, de blauwe lijkt wel een japans stofje.Probeer ook een beetje te ontspannen, al lijkt dat moeilijk ondr de omstandigheden.

  2. Dat is beroerd Angenita. Ik wens je sterkte. Knap trouwens dat je door blijft gaan met de creatieve kant. Uitlaatklepje.

  3. Wow. So sorry about your Dad... and am amazed you are getting so much art fone even with investing so much time with your family (as feels best right now, I know it must.)

    Love the Zentangle and I wish there was an English Mixed Media Diva! Would love to be a part of that!

    You did fantastically this first week... I look forward to knowing you more through CED2010.

    Read my CED2011 check in here.

  4. I've been finding, for myself, that this challenge is easiest when I allow myself to do what I need and follow what I must get out of it. I am in no way dealing with anything like you are with your father but I'm struggling with my own thing right now and finding little ways to bring creativity into each and every day is so healing for me and I've found it to be a healthy lifeline.

  5. @ Els en Bettie: Bedankt voor jullie lieve woorden. Het is een rotdiagnose om te horen en nu is het steeds maar afwachten op nieuwe uitslagen. Ik denk dat als alle testen gedaan zijn er wat meer (mentale) rust komt, omdat je dan iets contructiefs kan gaan doen.

    @Julie: you could create your own english group of Diva's. And there are lots of english mixed media groups you could join.
    I like this group best, it's more easy if you can comunicate in your own language.

    @B: You are right. And seen to the circumstances I did very well. I just love to make things and I hate it when life takes me over so I don't have enough time to create.