vrijdag 19 november 2010

Friday Funday

It's friday, last day of work and the begin of weekend.
For me it will be a busy, but fun weekend. Tomorrow I go to a precious stone market with my goldsmitting class. It should be fun to learn more about precious stones and maybe to buy something to use in my new project. I've designed a bracelet with a box on it and I need something to put in the box. This thing must be a symbol for a chapter of my life that I've closed.
Sunday we celebrate the birthday of my mother in law. Congrats mom, hope we can do this for many more years!

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I didn't keep track with my RSS reader. So last week was all about getting updated.
I came across this post of Leah It shows how to make an artpiece on an intuitive way. Looks like fun and it now has a place on my to do list. It's a long list, so it may take some time before I get it done.

Faces in places is a fun weblog with pictures of faces. Go check it out!

And I found this wonderfull blogpost about making your own natural dyeing. I love this blog because of all the lovely pictures. So get yourself some coffee and enjoy.

Best that happened last week I cannot talk about yet. So hard to keep it a secret and it's so much fun and I'm so looking forward to it!! But it's not the right time yet. I can tell you that I'm quite excited about it.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

I was amazed about this video. This man makes it look so easy to doodle and make it look pretty.

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