woensdag 27 oktober 2010

What's on your workdesk wednesday?


It's not really on my workdesk, it's on my couch. This is my "I'm watching tv and it's not that interesting" project.


I'm crocheting (is that a word, it sounds silly?) a blanket. Just something small for cold winter evenings.
It's only in doublecrochet, so it's very easy and very fast. This is what I did in just 1 week and I have to work and do housekeeping and stuff as well.

I really like the colours, it looks nice and warm. But I didn't buy enough wool. Now I can only hope it's still available at the store.


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15 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow wonderful knitting work.
    Looks great.

    Sandy #1

  2. Gorgeous colours and I think it's a really interesting project.


  3. What lovely colours, I imagine you probably find sitting doing this really relaxing.
    Chrissie #9

  4. Love the colours of your crocheting

    Happy WOYWW
    mandi xx

  5. Heerlijk werkje. Zier er prachtig uit en wordt vast heerlijk warm.

  6. Something different and don't we all want to be sat on the couch infront of the t.v. at this time of year! The blanket is looking fab and i love the colour x

  7. Looks just fab - great subtle but cosy colours. I can knit but never tried to crochet - looks tempting...
    sasa 28

  8. a really lovely colour, Happy WOYWW

  9. Waiting eagerly for the finished blanket. I used to crochet and loved it. Not done any for over 20yrs now!!
    Luv Joanne xx

  10. Beautiful, I really love the colours, and yes, crocheting is a good word! Hope the store still has some wool left!

    Brenda 89

  11. lovely colours, i would love to learn how to do things like that. caroline #14

  12. What gorgeous colours you are using. I used to crochet years ago and made a blanket for my babies cot, shawl, some clothes but I doubt if I could remember how to do it. I took it up as no-one could teach me knitting as I was just totally useless. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 24)

  13. That is beautiful wool and you sure crochet fast. I'm sure it gets cold in the Netherlands. It gets cold here, but probably not as cold as you get. Sorry I'm so late. I'm still moving very slow (15).